To conclude, we can say that Shakespeare has left us an “incredible legacy” that could be named the “Shakespeare Industry” (everything related to shakesperean works, for example the adaptations which revolve around the work of William Shakespeare). In this paper, we have seen many adaptations of Much Ado About Nothing, that have been made for television, film, videoclips, performances on stage, operas, printed adaptations such as comic or adapted versions for kids, teenagers and e-texts or musical adaptations…

We have seen the importance and the trascendence of William Shakespeare and all his work (and the “Shakespeare Industry”, if we can talk in this way), in this case, dealing with his comedy: Much Ado About Nothing.

I tried to select and order the large amount of information that we can find on the web to facilitate as soon as possible the research related to many Much Ado About Nothing adaptations.

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  1. Hello! I think your First Paper is very interesting: it’s fresh, colourful and modern. I liked that you have found and shared with us so many photos, pieces of music and video about Much Ado About Nothing. You’ve made a great research!
    I would only advise you to organize your paper with the help of one main idea. Tell the reader what is the purpose of your work, what exactly you investigate and to what conclusion you have come. For example, how do the images of the characters change with time? Which branch of industry uses Shakespearian heritage most and why/how? etc.
    Good job!

  2. hi!
    I think it’s a good paper, with something different, showing many images, videos… but also the consequences of the writer’s success, what I consider the most interesting here.
    As I have also written about Much Ado About Nothing I would have developed the plot in a deeper way, explaining what is more relevant… as we already know that Shakespeare is one of the most known writers and alls his works have much success.
    Well done! 😉

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