First Paper | Shakespeare


Subject :# 14159 Curs Monogràfic: Shakespeare through Performance Grupo A

Student´s name: Gil-Nogués, Rafael

Title of the paper: “Much Ado About Nothing Adaptations”

Author or topic: William Shakespeare


This paper focuses on the comedy Much Ado About Nothing, written by William Shakespeare, and its adaptations.

There have been many adaptations of Much Ado About Nothing, not only screen adaptations. Almost all of them have been made for television, film, videoclips, performances on stage, opera, printed adaptations such as comic, adapted versions for kids, teenagers, e-texts, musical adaptations… as we can read in the INTRODUCTION of this First Paper.

I have divided the recollection of this large amount of information from the web in different sections (posts) such as WEBSITES , where we can see the magnitude of “Shakespeare Industry”. In other words, the importance and trascendence of William Shakespeare. Also, I have found some BLOGS that talk about Shakespeare and some adaptations on screen and stage. Two very interestings sections (posts) of this First Paper are the posts about VIDEOS related on Much Ado About Nothing adaptations and the post dealing with MUSIC , where you can see some videos or listen to some archives in MP3 format. Finally, I have recollected a selection of very interesting PHOTOS from different adaptations on screen (film and television), on stage, opera, books, covers, posters…

Bringing to a close, I have written a CONCLUSION as a way of summary of this very interesting First Paper about Much Ado About Nothing adaptations.

Bibliography, URL’s


Notable (8), but I would like to get the best mark. I have worked very hard to do my best.



 Academic year 2010/2011

© a.r.e.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López

© Rafael Gil-Nogués

  1. sdecor’s avatar

    where did you find all this material? I think you have spent a lot of time searching on the web!
    The blog is creative with a lot of links, video and tapes…but I think this has also its opposite negative effect: the written text is a few simple and brief and sometimes repetitve.
    Notwithstanding, considering your efforts to searching and to put them all together a good 8 is gained.


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