Shakespeare has left us an incredible legacy. I refer not only to his whole work. When I talk about this «incredible legacy» I refer to something that could be named the «Shakespeare Industry» (everything related to shakesperean works, for example the adaptations which revolve around the work of William Shakespeare). In this paper, we are interested in Much Ado About Nothing adaptations.

There have been many adaptations of Much Ado About Nothing, -not only screen adaptations- and almost all of them have been made for television, film, videoclips, performances on stage, operas, printed adaptations such as comic or adapted versions for kids, teenagers and e-texts or musical adaptations…

You could see the importance and the trascendence of William Shakespeare and all his work (and the «Shakespeare Industry», if we can talk in this way), but in this case, dealing with his comedy: Much Ado About Nothing.

I tried to select and order the large amount of information that we can find on the web to facilitate as soon as possible the research. You can click on some interesting websites, blogs and, also, enjoy with a selection of videos, musical adaptations and some photographies related to many Much Ado About Nothing adaptations.

You can navigate on the web with Shakespeare, research, study and analyze, …whatever you want!

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